Sunday, November 21, 2010


Grand Army Plaza grass in the cracks.

Cobble Hill paper spam.

A book for foragers at GRDN in Boerum Hill.

Zelkovas on Henry Street.

Christmas coming early to Court Street.

Pacific Street window box.

Prospect Park farmer's market.


  1. If only the zelkovas could hold on 4 more weeks...

  2. I bought that book and returned it. It's lovely to look at, but I was hoping it would be more about foraging and less about recipes and it was not.

  3. Sorry, MIT - but there will be plenty of...sculptural branches :-)You might even see witch hazels before we're back, though. In the BBG (rock garden) or at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge at Cadman Plaza!

    Hi meems, yes they are. Then they'll be boring again for aanother 11 and a half months :-)

    Haha Ellen - no, I leafed through and saw just recipes, and thought of you. It's lovely-looking.


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