Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New York, 2010

How do you pick your favourite pictures of a city like this? Close your eyes and point, that's how. There are hundreds more, but for now, here are some that will give you a glimpse of 'my' New York. Everyone has their own New York. Mine tends to be full of plants.

So here are 121 images taken from January till yesterday...February is missing. We were on the road in South Africa.

The images are Brooklyn-heavy, since I live there, even so, there are big parts I have not explored yet. And I am extremely conscious of the fact that there is precious little of Queens (only Jamaica Bay), nothing from Staten Island, and just a smattering from the Bronx. The fault is mine, not the Boroughs'. Next year.

Still, most outsiders tend to think that New York is Times Square and Midtown. While bright lights and crowded pavements might wow some of the visitors, the city can be far more subtle, and far more friendly... I hope you get to know and love it a little better, here.

Call this my love letter to New York.

If you would like captions click on the figure on the left.

And if there is a part of New York you would like to see, let me know! I like assignments.

And since we have quite a few weeks to go, I will add pictures to this as the year draws to an end.

I am hoping for snow.
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