Wednesday, November 17, 2010

66 Square Feet in November

In the middle of November, a rose stays open and fresh for a week. In July, it opens, withers and drops its petals in a day.

The strawberries still ripen. 

...and insist on making flowers and  more fruit. I didn't coerce them. It's their own idea.

Because I had not grown strawberries until this year I did not realise that their leaves turn a rich red. They are still torn from that hailstorm a month ago.

The fig lost many of its leaves in that storm, which left no leaf unshredded. So I have missed the flat, rich yellow of its November show. This is the fig's fall foliage last year. And here is the fig one year ago today! And a bit different from summer...

I love my blueberry bush. I have planted and recommended them for many years on terraces around the city but it was not until late this spring that I planted my own. It was very exciting. It is hard to think of more rewarding plant: very hardy, with very pretty and interesting flowers in spring, then fruit, like, duh? - and at the last this rich, complex fall colour.  If you don't have blueberries, plant 'em!

The light, the light.


  1. What an amazing November it has been so far. Fantastic that you still have roses and strawberries on your terrace.

  2. My strawberries are gone, gone, gone and this morning I noticed the fig leaves blowing around the back yard. Bye bye. But roses, yes! I love November, the light and the gifts from the garden.

    xo Jane

  3. What an incredible november for growing and such beautiful photos! I love the color of the strawberry leaves--i wish mine would have the same idea and give some fruit! i took your advice and pruned the hell out of the fig--she has lost her leaves as well. your 66 sq feet is looking amazing--so giving!

  4. Lotus? No, "Iceberg." I really MUST replace mine.

  5. hi marie

    i have been reading your blog for ages and dont think i have commented. really enjoy reading your thoughts and seeing your photos. anyway, have been plotting a visit to new york for a long time and couldnt decide the best time to go... but i think it will have to be autumn/ maybe november. the light just looks beautiful.
    take care

  6. Strawberries in November - I can't believe it! Marie maybe you don't coerce them, but you commune with plants. Maybe they grow to delight you.

  7. Annester - thanks. I read your blog, too, back in the day :-) Sept. - Nov. are good; April, May, early June, too. Flowers.

    haha, Marijks.


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