Wednesday, November 17, 2010

66 Square Feet in November

In the middle of November, a rose stays open and fresh for a week. In July, it opens, withers and drops its petals in a day.

The strawberries still ripen. 

...and insist on making flowers and  more fruit. I didn't coerce them. It's their own idea.

Because I had not grown strawberries until this year I did not realise that their leaves turn a rich red. They are still torn from that hailstorm a month ago.

The fig lost many of its leaves in that storm, which left no leaf unshredded. So I have missed the flat, rich yellow of its November show. This is the fig's fall foliage last year. And here is the fig one year ago today! And a bit different from summer...

I love my blueberry bush. I have planted and recommended them for many years on terraces around the city but it was not until late this spring that I planted my own. It was very exciting. It is hard to think of more rewarding plant: very hardy, with very pretty and interesting flowers in spring, then fruit, like, duh? - and at the last this rich, complex fall colour.  If you don't have blueberries, plant 'em!

The light, the light.

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