Friday, November 5, 2010

Wanted: super duper cat sitter

[11/8/10 - This position has been filled!]

The Frenchie and I will be heading south to visit my parents and Cape Town at the end of December (he leaves after I do) and so the annual Looking After Estorbo project has been launched. Last year we had an in-house sitter, a 22-year-old going on 11, who kept the cat alive, which was very good,  but trashed the apartment, which was rather sad.

This year we would like to keep what's left of the apartment intact!

The dates we are looking at are from December 29th - February 16th. We are open to a cat sitter living in, or the cat moving to a cat sitter.

If it is live out, we will discuss remuneration.

If it is live-in, we can offer a rent-free apartment in NYC for 6 weeks, in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. That's either $4,000 in rent saved or $6,600 and up in cheap hotel bills.


- Wonderful, historical brownstone neighbourhood
- Iconic shops, food, coffee and restaurants
- Eight minute walk from F at Bergen Street subway: ten minute ride to Manhattan
- Twelve minute walk to 4,5 subway at Court Street
- One block from major bus lines
- 20 minutes on foot to the Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge
- Free Internet access, obviously, connected or wireless.
- Gas and electricity paid
- Dishwasher
- You get to exercise your quads for free by climbing three flights of stairs.
- You have a little terrace painted hot pink and a view of the beautiful Brooklyn skyline
- Nice books
- Quiet neighbours (so far)
- Coin-operated laundry in basement


- The apartment is small. We are not kidding. It is a one bedroom and about 600 square feet. You cannot swing the cat. Sorry.
- You get to exercise your quads by climbing three flights of stairs
- No microwave ( this is not a con for me but may be for some)
- No TV, but you can use our Netflix account for your laptop or the desktop
- storage space will be minimal


What we need:

1. Someone who likes cats, and, hope against hope, likes Estorbo himself.
2. Referrals, which will be checked. Thoroughly.
3. Someone who will not turn their nose up at cleaning litter every day, feeding twice a day (with water added to his pellets).

If you know of anyone who might fit the bill, please forward this to them, and if you are someone who fits the bill, please get in touch:



  1. Rats. I would be there in about one second...if I didn't already have 13 felines of my own.
    I adore Estorbo!
    MomKat Trish

  2. Sorry, this has nothing to do with the post... I need help and thought maybe you can help me. You recently changed the size of your images on your blog. I have a photo blog and wanted to adjust the size of my pics, however if I just change the HTML size the pics get fussy and loose sharpness... perhaps you have some advice?

  3. Trish - thoiteen! You have your hands full.

    Nadine - the size of the image that you want to publish must be at least the size of the published format. Maybe you are saving images that are smaller than the ones you are publishing?

  4. Marie, I so wish I could apply for Don Estorbo's sitter position, given how much he reminds me of my own childhood cat...I live a bit far though, but I know you'll find someone awesome to look after him. Looking forward to new travelling posts :-)

  5. We would love to take care of Estorbo and he would be very spoiled, but we can't come there and I would be afraid for him to fly to the Pacific NW. Hopefully one of the followers of his blog that live near can help out.

  6. Added pro: you get to deal with 'Storbie on a daily basis...

    Added con: you get to deal with 'Storbie on a daily basis...


  7. Beence...I think you are being a little unfair.Look at it this way - he has to deal with yoomans on a daily basis!

  8. OMG I am in love with your cat already! I would LOVE to cat sit were it not for the small matter of the Atlantic ocean between us :(

  9. I will spread the word to my friends! We will find someone for your cat :)

  10. Thank you everyone, we have some very promising leads. More soon.

  11. Wish I could do it. Would love the change. But not for at least two more years.

  12. I WILL DO IT!!!!

    I am a cat mother myself, to Handsome a tuxedo cat.
    I live in Memphis but would love some time in the city!

    Are you still taking "applications"?

    I have house sitting references a plenty!

  13. You left out the "Pro" of being able to pick out Don Estorbo's outfit for the day... :)

  14. Oh my, what a wonderful opportunity for someone! Wish it could be me, but there's the tiresome business of Earning A Living, and of course my own kitties. For two weeks I could make a plan ;-)
    Six week holiday... lucky you!
    Good luck with the search.


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