Monday, November 29, 2010

The park via Sackett Street

St Agnes Church on Sackett Street.

And chimneys.

And....a black stair carpet?

And fall camellias (the temperatures dipped below freezing last night).

And a view from the Gowanus - razor wire, weed trees (ailanthus), water towers like gun turrets on the Gowanus Houses.

In Prospect Park: our friends, the solitary men. Brisk trade on a cold Sunday, despite leafless trees.

And overflowing trash cans in the eastern woods. The ones on the main paths seemed recently emptied.

And oyster mushrooms...

The ones above are babies. We left them.

Not yet identified.

Ever-present witch hazel. We saw two mature red tailed hawks, flying from tree to tree. They were big and beautiful.


  1. Wow...that last shot looks like it could have been the setting for Georges Seurat's "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte". Incredible photo Marie! What a wonderful card this would make.

  2. Agree Marie. That last pic's a winner. The others told a sad tale for me.

  3. What is WITH those solitary men? I'm glad they don't like mushrooms. Perhaps they go home to their solitary men blogs at night and post about the weird mushroom people.

  4. Thanks Teri, but very lucky with the light and those trees.

    Pam - ja.

    Ellen - no, I think they go home to their wives and women. On the DL. I wish they'd go away.


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