Monday, November 8, 2010

Charcuterie bulletin

The duck report: I weighed the breasts. They have each lost 3 ounces off their original 16 (1lb, in other words).They have been hanging on the terrace, guarded from varmints and weather, for eleven days and have till this Thursday to go. Lord only knows what will be revealed when they are unswaddled. I sniff them now and then and all I can smell is pepper.

In other news, this is the spek we bought at the East Village Cheese Shop. Wow! I may not return for the cheese, which is unremarkable, but I'll be back for this. It was sliced masterfully thinly. Enough to make me tearful. 

It was prosciutto-y and smokey, and the best part of dinner (arugula and apple salad, the spek, some baguette and a small bowl of thin spaghetti with Emmenthal, butter and an egg yolk stirred in just before eating).

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