Sunday, November 28, 2010


Pictures from one year ago today. Flower District fall boughs. Reminder to myself to go back.

Tomorrow is my father's birthday. Two years ago he almost underwent open heart surgery, then a second surgeon had a second opinion. It is also a doctor's appointment for a new friend, who will hear how his cancer has responded to the treatment he has been receiving. The last news he got was not good.

So a reminder. To be nice. To do the things we mean to do. To undo the things we regretted doing. As far as we can undo them. To smile and say please and thank you.

To eat waffles while we may. Followed by carrot sticks when we can.


  1. To be grateful because we have so much.

    To remember it's all about relationships, not how much we have.

    And to eat soup every week, because it's good.

    xo jane

  2. And sadly, life is so designed that it won't always allow us to return the good we've received from others, to themselves. So to pass it on.

    ... and eat waffles.

  3. Hmmm, I have had that kind of week.

    Looking forward to spending the Holiday season with the ones most important to me. Some waffles would be nice.

  4. Thank you Marie for this wake-up call

  5. absolutely. and i'll drink to that. i was going to go to the flower district next week...wanna join me?


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