Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr Christie!

 It just don't seem possible. 

Thank you for the memories: every meal and every drink and every book and every cushion cover and every beautiful corner...


  1. I'm confused. Mr. Christie = Bevan?

  2. Ms Zachos, yes Mr Christie = Bevan

  3. I loved seeing those photos of Ayvalik. I spent a few days there once - many years ago now, but I remember it clearly. We seemed to be the only English-speaking tourists around, and the locals were so sweet and friendly. That sea. The best swimming, straight off the hotel patio. Fresh sardines. Deckchairs. Sunsets. Boat trips. It was *heaven*, the absolute highlight of our holiday.

  4. Wat 'n beautiful ruiker. Pronkertjies maak my gelukkig.


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