Monday, October 11, 2010


Our evening's harvest from the table on the terrace. The hail started to pound down as we finished supper. 

From what I can see, the fig and the strawberries have been shredded, but we'll wait till morning to assess. Thank goodness this did not happen when the tree was full of fruit in late July, or earlier. Hopefully all the rosebuds are still intact.

Not exactly a South African hail storm, where the hailstones mean business, but still:

Pretty exciting weather.

Took these after the storm had passed. I actually took 240 pictures, continuously, with the little point and shoot, and caught about four useful ones. The lightning spidered towards and over us in a way I've never seen.

Update. Well, the roses are toast. Every bud bar two knocked off. I had been planning one last photo op from the roof, of the terrace in Fall, with pink roses and blue plectranthus in full bloom, but I will have to settle for the latter, which were protected in the lee of the apartment wall. Quite sad about that. If I am very lucky, and we have an Indian summer, some more buds might form. 


  1. a blast of thunder just rolled through SW CT. no hail.
    your lightening photos are amazing! sorry about the roses...sad.

  2. Here in Manhattan we heard loud something fall, but just assumed it was heavy rain. With one window on an air shaft, you don't get a lot of weather specifics. No lightening, just thunder. Sorry about the strawberries!

  3. O wow, hail for you. I was reporting that storm and then got carried away with thunderstorm stories. This has been quite a season for storms.

  4. You've really had the weird weather this year. Sorry about the roses.

  5. The mention of strawberries and roses being shredded, has me worried about my potted herbs. We'll see what they look like tomorrow morning. BTW... Great photos of the thunderstorms.

  6. Sorry about the crop damage, but amazing lightening photos, Marie! We had some a little over a week ago, but the hail in some areas (like our house!) was quarter-size! I've never seen hail that big before. Our pine trees took a beating.


  7. lighTNing, please, not lighTENing. they're different words and mean different things.

    (it's the copy editor in me, apologies for horning in.)

  8. Sad for the terrace and the farm. We'll see what the morning brings...

  9. Your aunt used to say to me when I complained about what the hail had done to my Bloemfontein dahlias - "they needed to be cut down anyway" And they did resprout.

  10. Oh no, strawberries and roses. I was looking forward to more pictures of both from you. Sending you wishes for an Indian summer.
    Love, love the lightning shots.

  11. Went to check on my rooftop garden last night like a madman in shorts, sandals and a windbreaker as soon as the hail stopped pounding. No damage. Sorry about your casualties.

  12. Terrace is very leaf-strewn, so some clean-up required. Strawberries look as though a weedwacker has been through them. Roses will be cut back; their leaves are fine, just the round buds knocked off, gr.

    Hen, I have pictures somewhere, maybe at home in an album, of us having a hail fight, with golf umbrellas as shields...

    Lambert, your native choices must help - smaller leaves, nice bendy stems? Good picture of you on the roof :-)


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