Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This day's death... reflections of utter red? Not quite...

Our apartment - such as it is - and our terrace - such as it is - face east. So I have to take my cues about the quality and character of the sunset from the light I see in that east. If it looks interesting I climb onto the table outside and look over the roof. And if that looks interesting I rush up and out of the trapdoor on the landing, and onto the roof, which is what I did this evening.

Last night's rain and hail left a renewed puddle of water on the roof of Raccoon House, next door.

The usual rusted pots and and decrepit odds and ends that Raccoon House must have employed once upon a time for repair jobs whose traces are nowhere to be seen, suddenly became useful props.


In Brooklyn, this is how we do infinity pools.

Quite a sky.


  1. Incredible pictures worthy of wider viewer although I suppose you can't get a wider view than from a blog ! Beautiful

  2. Truly breathtaking, Thank you :-)

  3. Good heavens - that sky is AWESOME!! Gorgeous pics.

  4. I am envious of your sunsets & of the pictures you capture...truly breathtaking!!

  5. Thank you, dear Hen,and all other appreciators of sky:

    Yes, thank you dinahmow, was quite proud of the thought :-)

    Really just lucky to have had the sky and clouds (and urban paraphernalia helped, too). Right place, etc.


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