Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stormy night

September roared out like a fiend and October swept in on black wings of water.

It rained some more today, and then tonight we had a spectacular sunset.

I was on the roof in a cold breeze, checking the farm, picking greens, catching a caterpillar and tying the roses back up again. 


The whole western sky was moving in parallel bands of cloud, quite fast, and suddenly lit from below. It lasted only a few minutes, and then it was gone, switched off.

* Is this not the worst New York mosquito year, ever?


  1. It's early am and your incredible pictures are almost too much for my still sleepy eyes. I need sunglasses.

    Better now I'm going back for another look you rain maker you.

    xo Jane

  2. Tea, toast and marmite - at least you know where to head when worry strikes.

    What a sunset!

  3. It was the best mosquito year ever! Until all the rain of the last month! Friggin skeets


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