Monday, October 18, 2010

Last week's kitchen

Phyllo pastry triangles stuffed with  spinach, garlic and feta. I didn't brush the outsides with oil or butter, hence the pale look.

Leaves from the roof farm with red potatoes in a warm salad.

Pot roast, a first for me. This was the one I forgot at the butcher in my excitement about the boerewors.

It is brown, comforting food.

Malfatti, actually spinach gnocchi...

With sage and parmesan.

And some strangeness: using up what's left in the freezer: steak with poached eggs, frizzled sage and pancetta.

Chive oil, whizzed in the blender.

And now living in the fridge, for schmearing on sandwiches and sauteeing potatoes. My eyes watered while I was chopping all the leaves. My arm hurt after pushing it all through a strainer.

Pizza: quick sauce from canned tomatoes and thinly sliced garlic, reduced till sweet. Burrata. Anchovies chopped small, sage.

Blazing oven, 15 minutes, yum.

Bananas. The Frenchie likes them.
The flames? Tequila. With lime juice and sugar. 

Who said something about a treadmill? It certainly does look like a lot of food when you put it all together...


  1. Spanikopita! Where did you get your phyllo and what kind did you use?

  2. That chive oil !!!!!!!!! Gorgeous

  3. Periyali (the fancy Greek retaurant in Chelsea -- the one in Manhattan) puts dill in the spinach for their spanakopita. Extraordinarily delicious.

  4. It's incredible that you manage such wonderful food with such a small stove top. Only two burners? Who says you have to have a commercial stove to produce good food! You are the most creative cook Marie. Everything looks gorgeous and I'm sure tasted just the same.

  5. Everything looks wonderful. My husband usually makes pizza Thursday nights. We will have to try out of your quick sauce.

  6. I saw all this this morning but didn't believe it.

    It's still here so it must be true.

    Truly delicious, hunger making beautiful food.

    You are the queen.

    xo, your loyal servant J.

  7. Yum! That's all I got ... just Yum!!!!


  8. Ellen - Sahadi's and I can't remember the brand!

    Hen, make you have lots of chives?

    melanie, you know, I've never been.

    Ha! Teri, no we have four regular burners, but the kitchen is 27 sq ft. You thought the terrace was small!

    Monica, squashed up (good quality) canned tomatoes, a few very thinly sliced garlics, pepper, a smidgen of sugar, cook till thick.

    Jane, with servants like you a girl, ahem: woman, needs no more from life :-)

    Ikaika, yum is quite eloquent in its own way...:-)

    arcadia, lekker, ja.


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