Saturday, October 2, 2010

The visitor

Ha! Flushed you out! I had seen tell tale droppings on the microgreens on the roof, and was very worried about those...where was the culprit? Had I picked him with the leaves? So I washed them very carefully in two changes of water and out popped the green caterpillar.

At least it proves it's all organic up there.

A supper of poached pork loin with tonnato sauce and capers, and sliced roof tomatoes. Mionetto prosecco, $11 a bottle.

Eating salad that was home to a recent caterpillar is a delicate affair. One hopes not to find anything wriggly upon the tongue.


  1. I was prepping turnips to cook the other day, that we pulled from the family farm, and there was a slug on one of them. I understand your dilemma.

  2. Protein with your veggies, huh? ;-)

  3. As long as you keep your secret and do not share it with the other diners, all will probably be well. If I were to share such news, green leafy plants would never be consumed again... "No thanks, remember the time you served the the worm?. No sense of adventure!

  4. Hahaha - a truly green salad! But what does organic help me when ALL six my little cos salads were eaten by the snails in my garden?? My first experiment in growing my own food is turning out to be a dismal failure. For the first few weeks I went out with my torch every night to catch the little buggers; I also sprayed with a mixture of water, Sunlight soap, mashed garlic and crushed chillies, this on the advice of my sister-in-law. (Was she having me on, you think? I know absolutely zilch about gardening so I am an easy target!) Anyway, I am convinced that this spray actually made the lettuce more tasty for the snails.

  5. I've never poached a Pork loin. Can imagine that tonnato with capers would 'zing' it up beautifully.

  6. meems, at least slugs are brown and turnips are white. It's been so long since I ate turnip! Had wonderful bay ones at Momofuku a while back. How do you cook yours?

    webb, you're right. Mum's the word from now on.

    anairam - I'm sorry! Please don't give up. Growing lettuce in ground (?) especially when you have a precious six, is stressful. Beer trap - little dishes of beer flush with the ground: Gross but good for catching slugs and snails. You could always eat the chile and garcic pre-marinaded snails now :-)

    Rob, yes, it was a stand in for veal...and absorbed a lot of flavour from the parsley, carrots and onion in the poaching water. Left a good stock behind, too.

  7. Just thought I would let you know that I mentioned you as the source of my inspiration to start my own little patch, in my blog here



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