Friday, October 1, 2010


In my Inbox this morning. Callum is my cousin Andrea's son, and he and his girlfriend Claire are backpacking across southern Africa. Andrea is the Managing Editor of Go magazine, so she knows a little about elephants.

'Not sure if I updated you on Callum’s African adventure. We managed to speak to him a week ago – they had been through Zim (Bulawayo and Harare) and up to Lake Kariba where they had obviously pitched their rather tiny tent close to the lake. Apparently, whilst they were in the bar, an elephant decided to investigate the tent more closely (presumably attracted by the smell of tomatoes) and ripped it apart. They then were lent another larger, heavier tent (many complaints about this tent being heavy). Anyhow, Claire’s Mom said to me: “Thank God they both drink.”. Their next stop, as far as I can establish, is Malawi where there’s a big music festival mid-October.'


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