Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boerewors in Brooklyn update

 Sausages at Los Paisanos

We are on tenterhooks.

Per instructions from my favourite butcher, I went in to Los Paisanos today taking the recipe Warren had recommended, and spoke to Mike Affronti, the owner, and not the aforementioned butcher I spoke to whom I spoke other day...

Mike looked the recipe over, said he needed to make a call to 'a guy' about the sausage, and said he hoped to have good news for me. He took my phone number.

The suspense!

I've just emailed him a little boerewors backstory plus picture to try and explain just what this sausage means to a South African, and basically that if you cut our chests open you don't find a heart, but a coil of boerewors inside (that could explain a lot about South Africa). But mainly that if he started selling boerewors his shop is going to become a Mecca for braai-starved South Africans.

And since a Dubai-based commenter tells me they have a butcher in DUBAI who ships boerewors to their doors, I'm like, We have got to get it going in Brooklyn.

Please, a moment of silence. Think of sausage. Think of glowing coals. Think of a still summer evening. Think of fragrant smoke wisping skywards as a raucous hadeda flies over the garden, Wahahaha, Wahahaha.

Think boerewors.

If you dream it, you can eat it.


  1. Hi,
    Good luck with "the wors". I just want to know two things.
    1. Will darling Estorbo have his first taste of boerewors?
    2. Where is he? Locked up in the closet again?
    I miss him.

  2. If your campaign does not work we will set up a Cat Company to start a chain of these shops. We are contacting Estorbo to run his(Brooklyn) end of things and we know several cats here who will chip in.
    Good luck!

  3. Yum! I'd ride the G from W'burg for that!

  4. stop stop! you're killing me... we've found biltong in Boston, but no boerie. We've tried making our own but it wasn't great. Maybe I should try that recipe....

  5. Haahaa- your post made me laugh. All the best in getting the boerewors to Brooklyn!


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