Monday, October 4, 2010

North Cove Marina

Vincent wanted to shoot some panoramas at this pretty marina, where small yachts and behemoths alike are dwarfed by the downtown high rises of Battery Park, and where the thumping of construction at Ground Zero carries on well into a Saturday night. In the picture above, the boat driver referred to as 'Wise Guy!' was given short shrift by the dock master and pilots of the little red sailing school yachts. He was sent packing after sticking his nose in, uninvited. To add insult to his trespassing, he had no radio. They did not like that.

It was a perfect fall evening, nippy and clear, and everyone was out. I haven't spent time here in months, and I should do it more often. It's quite an un New York part of New York.

Yachts are constantly on the move, in and out of the marina, where your slip costs $6 per foot of vessel.

Plenty of restaurants offer places to sit in the golden light, or under tall plane trees, to sip a beer, but out on the pier you feel far enough from people that it's as good as a little holiday. 

The Frenchie set up shop beside a 'mega yacht',  that may have measured 200 feet, and waited for his light, and I took a walk south along the water, with tourists, bikers, bladers, skaters, dog walkers, fisherman, volleyballers and photographers.

In bloom in the twilight, many grasses, Ceratostigma, Heuchera, late anemones...

 Many, many places for good picnics.

 As the sun dipped I turned back north.

Little yachts were chugging back home in the afterglow, and the police came streaming out of the marina as I arrived.

The black marble of the seawall I leaned against to rest my back was warm from the day's sun. The breeze off the river was cold.

We waited for a darker night and more lights and then we walked back into the Financial District, past the Deutsche Bank Building site where posters advertise a $5,000 reward for proof leading to the conviction of anyone caught smoking. We caught the 4 train at Wall Street, back to Brooklyn, ate a supper of pancetta and poached eggs and toasted mushroom polenta, and bid adieu to Saturday night.


  1. The second shot looks so like Battersea Park, by the edge of the south side of the Thames, in London. Have you ever been there?

  2. 6 bucks a foot a day!

    Its funny to see such a reward for proof of smoking. Hmm, how about 5 million to someone with proof of wall street stealing.

  3. I love the Marina and the walk down toward Battery Park. Love, love the little park right past the Holocaust Museum. What a nice way to spend a Saturday evening.


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