Monday, October 11, 2010

Picnics in New York

Shorter days and longer nights mean that we have to head to Brooklyn Bridge Park early to catch a sun that sets around 6.20 at the moment. At home we usually eat late, not a good habit, but fine if we pretend that we are in training for Spain.

At Sahadi I found little chorizo sausages from Spain which state on their package that they contain pork, garlic and salt. That's it. I can hardly believe it. Not a nitrate in sight. I also roasted some chicken wings in a very BBQ-ish mixture of Worcester Sauce, Pickapeppa (not unlike HP, from Jamaica), lime juice and black pepper. Add the usual brie (triple cream from Trader Joe's - $5), roof tomatoes, baguette still warm from Sahadi's and our new favourite Verdejo (also, must mean something).

There were more picnickers on a Saturday night, including a girl who lay with her boyfriend on a grassy incline of the Harbor View Lawn, facing away from us, but showing the world her unclad rear. Several male picnickers oriented themselves accordingly. I showed great self restraint, as I was shooting with a zoom.

There was frenetic helicopter activity, much more than usual, with a constant stream landing and taking off at the helipad at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport.

It was a clear evening, with jets, choppers, high con trails on the horizon lit like blazing orange comets, and the stars themselves.

And a sliver of moon, setting over Staten Island and New Jersey, and all points west-southwest.


  1. Unclad as in jeans down low or unclad as in...nothing under the skirt?

  2. The latter. Which is fine, but the combination of incline and hiked up skirt was a bit..startling.

  3. Well that gave me a laugh.

    Especially your "startling' comment.

    Roasting a pork shoulder, smells delish, tho it is a leetle bit hot for hours of 300 degree cooking.

    I was all over your blogs this morning searching for recipes.

    This is gonna be good. Tho my vegan reader won't be happy.

    xo Jane

  4. When I see the occasional unclad bottom, I can't decide if I am outraged or just jealous. I fear those days are long gone for me! The picnic sounds lovely tho.

  5. I love the last photo.Is it available as a print?


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