Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soiled and Seeded is launched

A new zine has put out its first green cybershoots with its inaugural issue going live today.

Soiled and Seeded - Cultivating a Garden Culture has its land-based roots in Toronto, but is borderless in scope. Barbara Ozimec, a self-described gardenless gardener and botanist, and photographer Mikaël Lavogiez have produced a journal whose manifesto begins:

Soiled and Seeded is an online garden zine dedicated to neophyte, seasoned, adventurous and guerilla gardeners. We are intent on cultivating a garden culture not based on decorative, hi-gloss scenarios, but rather one that restores our connection to the natural world and redefines our relationship to plants. Soiled and Seeded seeks to expand the conventional approach to gardens and the practice of gardening. Not strictly an instructional guide, the material presented is wide-ranging, edifying and lively. Encompassing plants, art, design and landscapes; we present an endless exploration of botanical abundance.

Go and have read, send them feedback, or submit copy for their next issue.

1 comment:

  1. I'll bookmark this one. Just read the piece 'gardening in cracks', making concrete beautiful:- good stuff.

    I really liked your supersized pics by the way, so belatedly gets my vote.


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