Monday, June 21, 2010

How many figs on the tree?

Fig tree

Time to remove the fig leaf for the big reveal, and to mail a beautiful book to the winner of the fig guessing game:

We had a range of guesses, from 21 to 125.

There were some very well-reasoned answers:

Kitty P. guessed 81 for each of Estorbo's lives. Ellen guessed 27 because she was Number 27 in Fifth Grade. There were some 66's from John and Ansie because...why? Then some 33 's from Cynthia and Pam in Jhb because 66 must have seemed way too many. Anyes and Camille decided 52....And porrothecat came eerily close when she guessed the first count I made this season: 88. And most others falling inbetween.

However, the house in Arlington has come up trumps, with one member guessing 90 and the other 125. Flwrjane and German Girl performed a crafty flanking move and surrounded the correct number, employing scientific methods of photograph-studying, branch counting, trunk caliper and possible pruning (I never did prune...).

The number of figs on the tree is:



That means Flwrjane is the technical winner of the marvelous book, beating her girlfriend by 5 figs. So I hope y'all share. Now send me your address.

Photo: Romulo Yanes for Gourmet

Thank you very much to all of you for playing. I wish I had 39 books to send to all corners of the globe.

Should we do blueberries next?

* Note the use of Miracle Gro potting soil, bottom left photo, when the fig was new. That was then. I'm sorry. I won't do it again.
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