Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Old Fulton Street

On a condemned building a couple of doors down from the waiting tourists at Patsy Grimaldi's*...

Is it the best pizza in the world? Hardly, but a lot of people seem to think so. It's nice pizza. I would eat it again if I didn't have to stand in line for it, packed in amongst hungry Swedes and Germans. After I moved into this apartment years ago, the only payment my kind, moving-friends received was pizza and Australian generic (read Yellowtail) shiraz at Patsy's. It was late, the place was full of Brooklynites - not hipsters: Bay Ridgers. Different breed altogether. Where are the friends now? Constanza and Blake are in Durham, NC. Molly and Panio are in Venice Beach. I am still waving the flag.

My favourite New York pizza? Lil Frankie's on 1st avenue and 1st Street. But in New York we are spoiled for choice.


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