Monday, June 7, 2010

Key Food seafood delight

Does this look like extra large, peeled shrimp to you?

I see faux crab, raw mussels and raw squid.

Seafood surprise?

Really, after all the scrutiny they have been under? Now I visit the meat and fish section at Key Food on Atlantic for entertainment. It's like a treasure hunt. I am beginning to admire these guys.

They're so bad it's good.


  1. I guess pretty soon be might not even know what seafood looks like thanks to the greed of human beings and the oil that we seem to "need" despite what it has done to our environment.

  2. Anyes, try deleting your cookies. What browser are you using?

  3. All good now...It does indeed look like anything but... what they are selling it to be. Thank you :-)
    I am using Firefox

  4. Maybe it's time to start a Fickr photo pool. The funniest/most scary labels.


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