Thursday, June 10, 2010

When you lock yourself out remember to leave the front door of your building ajar while you go out for groceries.

Luckily it is still ajar when you return, so you don't have to buzz every single apartment and beg to be let in (if they don't ignore you, of course). Or wait on the stoop till someone comes home.

You go up to the landing and pop the trap door to the roof.

Take off shoes and climb up.

Pad across the roof and the peeling, sun-bubbled surface of the raccoon's house next door, for access to the side of the terrace.

Find the cat relaxing on the table. Wonder how to climb onto the barbecue/braai with the fig on it (post tornado watch).

Oh. Of course. You are wearing a white dress.

Do it anyway. Get gridmarks on feet.

Live to blog another day.


  1. Estorbo, I'm sure if the Wooman had asked, you'd have moved so she could make beeg yompa to the table...

    Me? I'd have waited on the stoop!

  2. Love the view of your green terrace complete with sun-loving Estorbo in his new yellow jacket!

  3. What a great view of your terrace!


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