Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...and what of Begonias?

"Begonias are not flowers, they are a state of mind, and a regrettable state into the bargain."

Beverley Nichols (1898 - 1983), Merry Hall.

I was an adult before I learned that Beverley Nichols was a man.

He wrote some of my favourite children's books populated with speaking animals and animate nature (The Wickedest Witch in the World, The Stream that Stood Still, and The Tree that Sat Down). Merry Hall (1951) is one of his many memoirs about gardening. He was able to pierce people and plants with his wit. In person, I imagine that he might have been a really egotistical pain, and rather prejudiced, but his love of beauty, of gardens, of living well, and of cats*, allows me to forgive him a great deal.

*For those of you following the saga of The Cat Who Wears Clothes, he has a vet appointment on the 23rd, when his lady vet comes back from her honeymoon.


  1. This may be your best photo ever.

    Que guapo.

  2. Never heard of Beverley Nichols. Looking at his Wikipedia entry I guess I need to get his gardening books to read (if they are still findable).

    Poor Estorbo. So, I guess the food change didn't work and it's not a corn allergy?

  3. Awww, Estorbo. He is just as stunning in orange as he is in red.

  4. Storbie looks quite glamorous in his Old Navy shirt. He should model for them.

  5. My goodness,it is a long time since I've heard of Beverley Nichols. My vague recollection is that he was very fond of cats and was frequently featured in Women's Magazines and was very popular with the women.

  6. Estorbo is devastatingly handsome in orange! Not too many people can say the same, you know. : )



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