Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dean and Deluca Sushi

I was in SoHo, and starving, and had fifteen minutes to deal with it. So I darted in to Dean and Deluca and picked up a couple of their sushi trays. Tuna and avocado, and some shredded carrot and (more) avocado rolls. Their sushi is good, has a massive turnover rate, and is actually affordable.

And this is the first time I ate it standing on my hindlegs at the window counter, watching the zoo go by.

Chopsticks, dip of soy, snort of wasabi, pop, chew, swallow, watch.

I recommend it.


  1. Your hind legs?

    I'd like to see this on one's front legs!

    Sushi sounds right for an easy dinner. Alas, I'm in and its raining and, uh, kensington has no sushi and if it did, I probably wouldn't review it as highly as you did D&D's.

  2. Their sushi definitely LOOKS yummy. Is that 'faux' grass?

  3. Can you remember your first-ever sushi? Such a surprise! I loved it.

  4. Frank, heheh - ankle views. I've got to start making sushi at home again. It's worth it.

    cornel - yes, it always seems to arrive with fake grass :-)

    rachel, I do! 18th Street, Adams Morgan, Washington DC.


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