Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For the Love of Brooklyn

The Lake. Photo: Rob Hoey

For the Love of Brooklyn, a Photoblog about King's County
- chose a picture Estorbo on the terrace to be on their flickr faves page.

But it is the company of the other photos that puts Brooklyn in a context with which many non Brooklynites may not be familiar. Jill Harrison does a lovely job of curating her collection of photographs on the site.


  1. I'm seeing a beautiful side of New York through some of the blogs, not least this one!

  2. Marie -- thank you so much for the lovely comments about the blog! :) I've been meaning to write and thank you since you posted this (your posts help me maintain a shred of sanity in each and every one of my days), but have been so wretchedly busy and forgotten to do so until now.

    You're the best. Thanks for continuing to contribute your photos to the Flickr group too! So lovely! Are you enjoying the new camera?

    Hmmm... Maybe one of these days we can do a photo essay about you and Vince and Estorbo and your lovely little 66 Square Feet? :) :) :)

  3. mit - good!

    Jill - why, you're welcome...new camera is still new territory, but yes.

    Well, you're welcome to come and hang out on the roof snapping pictures of the terrace below - we'll feed you sips of bubbly or cool mojitos...Or did you mean our pictures? You do know the cat has his own camera, right? No, I'm really not kidding. It's a kitty cam. Mostly abstract stuff. he does art, we try to do life.



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