Saturday, June 19, 2010

The farm



  1. You're unstoppable, aren't you?

  2. Awesome! It's nice to see Brooklyn folks gardening! When we lived in Greenpoint our landlady never let us plant anything.

  3. Marie,I love your blog. I check everyday to see what you are up to. I love your photos, and I enjoyed my trip to South Africa via your postings. I don't understand why you are being threatened with eviction. Is it because you have a garden on your terrace? That's just twisted. You create an oasis in the desert and someone wants to punish you for it? How does "the farm" help you?

  4. Marie,
    I read your blog every day as well. I love the photos, the stories, the recipes, and everything else you post. When I sit down at my computer early in the morning with a cup of coffee before I begin my hectic day your blog is one of the first things I go to. It's very calming. Good luck with the farm!

  5. In ya face, Brooklyn! Love the wire supports!

  6. mit - mwaaahahahahahahahaha.

    meemsnyc - well, we're holding thumbs...

    Hi halfpintvt - I apologize for leading you up the garden path - it is tongue in cheek. The Brooklyn Scene is about, as Frank put it in another comment, Hyper Local. My tomatoes are my local than yours. If you're not farming, brewing raising chickens, you are not tapped into the main Brooklyn vein :-)

    Hi Susan - that's really nice to know, too - thank you.

    webb - ya, let's hope they stay supporting. It be windy up there.

  7. Well, I guess you can starting raising chickens and pigs there on the roof with the tomatoes. Looks like the slaughterhouse will come to you:

    I'm not sure what your landlord will think of that, but at least you'll keep up with the trend.

  8. Beekeeping seems to be the new Brooklyn venture, looks like you have some space left on your roof.
    Just sayin'
    You do want to be slightly ahead of the "Scene", don't you? :)

  9. Yes, but doesn't this ruin a perfectly good patch of entropy?

  10. Ay Lambert...bees. I had forgotten about local honey. I would love bees. I really would.

    Beence - entro...?


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