Monday, June 28, 2010

Make it stop what I groaned a few hours ago, and it seems to have worked. We have slid down from an oppressive 36'C/96'F to 29'C/84'F. It's bearable.

It isn't even July.


  1. I hear you sister. We had a wild and crazy storm as i was lugging one more fan out of BB&B.

    The temperature is now 86 BUT feels like 91 according to and me.

    And it's still June.

  2. Poor you! We start complaining if it reaches 75F here.

  3. It is making up for last summer. It was the coolest June, July, August I can recall for the NY/NJ area. I think we turned on our air conditioning only twice all summer.

    It IS unsettling, to realize it is still June. But it is good for the tomato plants etc!


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