Friday, June 18, 2010


A Salade Niçoise of sorts, deconstructed.

The smells gorgeous. And right now two (very small) Formosa lilies are saturating the terrace with their scent. It's still so magical, even though I write about scent, encourage it, expect it. Every time it wafts into the room, or becomes pronounced as the evening turns dark, it's like the first time.


  1. Don't they have any perfume sending device through the internet yet? I'm really curious about the Formosa lilies' scent.
    The Salade Nicoise looked really appetizing

  2. And it looks beautiful. Was your Home Depot roommate in attendance?

  3. Altho we eat dinner together nightly, it always seems like it's a special meal when we share like that. Will steal this good idea soon.


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