Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tornado watch?

I have battened down the hatches.

We're under tornado watch.

I have moved the fig down to the braai again, as well as pots with missile-potential.

This is not June weather. It is very hot, sultry, humid. Right now it's 33'C/92'F. Last June was the wettest on record, this one may prove one of the hottest and driest. On Friday, while I was dead-heading roses at the BBG, Sarah told me that they were going to do a rain dance this weekend. Drought threatens.

I guess I feel about rain dances the way I feel about all things of a religious bent, whether it's Buddhist chanting, the Rosary, a Revival meeting: Sceptical. Then again, I believe that prayer is simply focused energy, a powerful force, and, like that, the rest can make sense.

Judging by the clouds gathering I reckon that the rain dance is being danced and that is working.

Strong muti.


  1. Seemed doubtful to me. I remember hot summers growing up here with southwest winds. Clouds building, threatening, promising, and never delivering. I was out on the Island today, heard one crack of thunder, a spatter of rain on the windshield, nothing more but wind wind wind. Reminds me of late July, early august, mid atlantic high.

    Rain, please.

  2. Yeah, really. It was pfffffft, splatter, The End.

    But how weird is the cool air all of a sudden? I walked out into a sauna and came home shivering.

  3. I was with my 94 year old grandmother. We took her out -she was freeeezzzing!

    But my wife and I rather enjoy a good cold front every now and again.


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