Monday, June 7, 2010

Strawberry air

After yesterday's 93'F non tornado, 30 seconds of rain, a wind, the air lifted. The heavy humid heat was pulled back and was replaced within minutes by cool, even chilly Prosecco breezes.

Long may this last.


  1. Deliciousness.

    We got an hour of rain. Took us longer to batten down the hatches. Wonder where it went?

  2. love these pictures. especially the pot of strawberries.

  3. Don't you love that sudden moment of relief? That's one thing I miss about living on the ocean. One moment, it's 90 degrees in our condo and then the next, we have to shut our windows because the 50 degrees ocean air rolls in.

  4. it was supposed to rain here on Long Island this last weekend, but not one drop came down, at least not in Farmingdale. Then came the tornado watch!
    I was in my garden all afternoon and witnessed the storm clouds roll by. Then the sun came out and by nightfall we had cool breezes. A welcome relief after all of the humidity.
    Your berries look superb.

  5. Gorgeous. It's winter rain and storm at it's best today down here in the Cape. I could taste the strawberries when I saw your last pic. Thanks for the hint of summer!

  6. Yum

    They're great still warm from the sun. Prossecco wind. Perhaps they'd be even better washed down with a glass of prosecco or two.

  7. Yummy berries. Being homegrown makes them all the sweeter.

    Wasn't the change in the weather a delight?


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