Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Terrace garden

Last night the Dunyazade lilies opened (in the pictures you can only see Silk Road). In these hot days I'm wondering what flowers will be left for mid summer. The calamintha and agastache will go on trucking, of course, with many bees. Maybe the Iceberg will bloom a third time. This is the first time it has repeated with such enthusiasm. Age? Fertilizer?

The roof farm is growing like mad and needs water every other day. I must figure out something for the watermelon, which has made its first flowers. I must lay something down for its trailing stems. I will be really, really amused if a real watermelon starts to mature up there. What a nice photo opportunity.

I wonder what the raccoon thinks?


  1. love this rooftop garden....

    can't wait to see the watermelon progress.....

    happy 4th of july !


  2. I would consider some sort of trellis -but horizontal, so that the plant floats above the hot hot roof. Can't wait!

    Really wish we'd gotten some rain the other day. Its a long haul now.
    Dang vegetables want water every day.

  3. What the raccoon thinks? Yum!

    And the Iceberg - they get better as they get older and mine romped back after a fairly severe mid-season prune.

  4. It's great how you have that ledge for extra flowers and plants. It really opens up you space, doesn't it! What fun to have a watermelon...it will look so good against the red wall!

  5. Yes, the Bandido is thinking...more yummy treats. I love your little Eden on the terrace.

  6. i'm sure the bandido is holding out hope for sweet corn...


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