Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring in New York

The Liz Christie community garden on East Houston and the Bowery. At first I thought winter jasmine. But is it a cunningly pruned forsythia? If it is, it's only the second time I have appreciated the overplanted highway shrub.

Prunus subhirtella "Autumnalis Rosea"...

And my old friend, the amelanchier, whose berries will be ripe in June. Beneath the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, in what must be the noisiest park on the planet. BECAUSE OF THE TRAINS ON THE MANHATTAN BRIDGE!


  1. There is one nice spot of Forsythia growing, draping, weeping?, down a retainment at the beginning (or is it end?)of Jackie Robinson Parkway, going East toward the "beaches." It has woodland above, and the wall weeps yellow tears for spring.

  2. You wax poetic, Frank.

    Betsy Smith, an LA I used to work with, called it Spring Barff!


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