Friday, March 13, 2009


Who picks these daffodiles? Where do they grow? Are they harvested in a wet and cold dawn? How can ten stems of daffodils cost $2.50?

I buy them anyway. They are so simply happy.

News from Africa via the ether about news from England, about a childhood friend - long since seen - who lost his wife, who had found life too much to bear. When we were young teenagers he took my hand one summer sandy holiday and and paid me shy court. I had eyes for another. Like so many South Africans our lives blew with the wind around the globe and took root in different soils. A doctor, he has three small children. They will come to Kalk Bay, that pretty place of sea before and mountain behind and sunrises over the Hottentot's Holland Mountains, and there I hope they will find some peace.


  1. Lovely "daffodiles"! I think a lot of our flowers come from Ecuador these days. I have two daffodils in bloom today...with snow frosting!

  2. Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zimbabwe
    Anywhere the sun shines, baby. And the labor and land is cheap. There's probably a place or two in the USA that still do it
    check out :


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