Thursday, March 26, 2009


The Pro's:

The travel website southafricato has chosen 66 Square Feet as the best of all the blogs in the best Travel Blog Category for the SA Blog Awards.


Their feedback and analyses are actually very helpful. Thank you, Rob.

I first came across this travel blog when Rob linked to a snippy post I wrote about Delta's last-minute flight cancellations in South Africa and Stateside.

Now how does a blog about a small New York terrace get nominated for a travel award?

Well it's a small terrace: one needs to get out sometimes...See below.

Then the Con's:

Mr Ackerman is angry.

He feels that it is odd that a blog about "urban container gardening" gets nominated for best travel blog. Well, that was my first reaction too. Then again, many of my posts are about travel. Says so in my manifesto...weary smile. Count the posts, Kurt.

He feels it is all fluff and fraud and that serious stats are not taken into account. Does that mean the blog with the most hits is the best blog? Do hits = quality?

Is he right?


  1. Is it Fraudulent to inspire landscape lust from provincial NYers like myself?

    Besides, who on the web isn't somehow a wee bit fraud? Oh the artistic malaise.


  2. poor mr ackerman.
    he protests too much, i think, and rather misses the point.

    what is that saying about prosecuting a trial -- if the facts are weak, pound the law; if the law is weak, pound the table? something like that

  3. When a blog called afrikatourism complains about nominations of "other" travel blogs, I wouldn't lose sleep over it. Feeling slighted Kurt? However, it IS true that there is a lot of vegetation and food in your blog. Oh, just enjoy the nomination!

  4. Frank - heheh, yes, true. Our over- heated brows need cooling.

    Melanie - what if the table is ricketty? :-)

    Sigrid. I have to go drink, I mean, plant something.

  5. Ag,man! (I do remember one or two other Afrikaans words, but I'm a lady!)

    Mr. A. seems to want blogs to read as Thomas Cook -type brochures. The more discerning reader wants a little more "personal" input. Like home cooking and macro shots of weeds. Even of dung heaps!
    Congrats, Marie.Now go and rub off some of it against the black one.

  6. It's funny, i was going to write a real blast about it being sour grapes that he wasn't nominated, then saw that he hadn't even nominated himself. (And his apology to you seemed fairly gentlemanly.) Maybe the rules of the contest are sketchy or need some clarification, but the fact of the matter is that you've done a fantastic job of chronicling your trip to SA in pictures and words, and your award is well deserved.


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