Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ichinokura Nigori Sake

So if the smart Nigori (meaning unfiltered)Sake I have had in the fridge for longer than I care to remember ( was leftover from the crab with fermented black bean feast I prepared at the nArchitects' apartment - big, not like mine - for Miss Molly Ringwald to say thanks for a TV teaser she helped me with, and to say goodbye before she decamped for LA)...So, my goodness. That was last summer. If it has white curd-like clouds floating about, looking a lot like a vinegar's "mother", should I be worried? It's unpasteurized. Smells like yeast right

Pause. Shaking the bottle.

Tasted it. Tastes pretty darn good. Petillant. Better than last year. Oh, wow. It's delicious. Till right now I'd never seen the point of Twitter. But this is one long Twitter.

I have not wanted to drink it till today when for some reason the urge took me, and I have a special chicken marinating in lemon grass and soy and ...stuff, to go with it.


Frenchie? Man, I miss you. It's a long road.


  1. [The Frenchie sizzles, melts and boils with pleasure. He was mentionned! He tries to pick himself up and go back to solid stage again but drifts off and bounces against the ceiling. Oh well, he thinks, I'll just have to sleep up here while I'm high. And when I come down, I'll find that road and travel it 'til there's nowhere to go but 66 square feet of pure lush flower jungle and a couple of glasses of unfiltered sake...]


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