Monday, March 16, 2009

Purslane recipes

This just in from Istanbul. Mr Christie says:

Shakespeare mentions it more than once, along with "impotent parsley".

Here they either:

Pick off the leaves and mix them raw with drained yoghurt as a salad.


Stirfry some lamb mince with chopped onion till well browned, then add lots of washed purslane, salt and pepper and some water and cook slowly till lamb softens. Then add a handful of rice and leave to cook slowly till rice is done.

For previous post's recipes, go here.


  1. Interesting posts on purslane ... we used to call it pigweed when I was growing up, and I spent many Saturdays weeding my parent's yard of perceived offenders like purslane. If only I'd known, I might have tried to talk my way out of weeding on a Saturday or two!

  2. well, greetings from Cape Town

    I really like your blog - stumbled on it in the Amatomu listings, and have voted for you

    great photography, wonderfully eclectic stuff. and a certain light behind it all.

    I have a wordpress blog, but I think it gets weighed down by politics and earnestness. and those wordpress geeks still haven't managed to come up with any really decent themes, so it's also burdened by tatty design, which irks me

    happy posting,


  3. Oh, also meant to say: I have a "happy" category in my bookmarks, where I list sites that may restore my morale after reading the latest dismal news - you've been added


  4. Keli'i - Aloha...pigweed, yes! I'd forgotten that. They would have looked at you sideways. My childhood job was to catch crickets in the lawn. Talk about sweatshop conditions: 5c a cricket!

    Thank you, David. You are writing about what matters.I am an ostrich describing the view beneath the sand.

  5. Lol - I'm in the Happy catalogue. That's too funny, and quite uplifting. Thank you! I tend to feel that the beautiful things are all that stand between us and despair. Hence laughter, light, flowers.


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