Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New York Times' Secret Headline


New York Times headline.

It's over.

I need a new online habit, but it's not going to be reading the Times.

You and me lady? We're through.

Postscript: I left this comment on the article, using my full name.

"Yeah. How is this secret if the Times puts it on the front page? You just lost my readership."

Think it showed up? - left at 9am - one comment has been moderated out.

Is this what paranoia feels like?


  1. Am i missing something here? The contents of the letter were revealed by government officials who knew they were talking to reporters. (My online version didn't have any place to leave comments.)

  2. No longer giving option for comments, probably because most of them were negative. Yes, of course I see your point. I still don't think it is all the news that's fit to print.

  3. actually, i think one can still leave comments but you have to back out of the article itself and go back to the "front page" screen to access the comments section.

    marie, i guess threatening to no longer read the times is now considered an "abusive" comment...very interesting.

  4. What is your real concern here?
    The Pentagon papers were also once-secret documents that, when discovered and revealed, had a profound effect on the history of the country. It's what the press is for, at least it's what the press is for in America.

  5. I think that the press is very politically motivated.

    But I could be wrong.

  6. You are not wrong, they are very politically motivated. Especially the 'gray lady'.

  7. Thanks, Ms Hound. She's been bothering me for a while.

    My other problem, of course, is the absurdity of their not publishing a comment like mine.

  8. Blogger said I was "duplicated" when I was trying to make the same point as m.heart. (Why does Blogger eat things?)
    I have NYTimes on-line as it's my best direct link to American news. Do I believe, religiously, everything they say? No, but I do try to read and get a local slant on things.
    The fact that the "gray lady" is censoring early comments on a piece has lowered my estimation of it.

    Closing comments when there has been copious feed-back is a fact of life, but...first cab off the rank being a negative?

    Open some Prosecco, Marie and leave 'em to it!

  9. MIT - sorry about the duplication. It's eaten several of my comments on other sites too. So. How's life at Wordpress?


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