Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gowanus Garden

OK, I'll say it again: my favourite New York garden. Showing no hint of its summer self. I still haven't met Kirstin, being too shy to say hello the one time I saw her digging. Her boyfriend, more approachable when he was watering the sunflowers last year, told me about the problems with dogs messing the beds up, and I see there are now little fences around the edges.

Compare today's chilly graffiti above with the August-rich sunflowers I sent last summer to the Gowanus Lounge.

The wine bottle terracing has been replaced and cleaned up.

Good curves.

A lot of good dinners...

Can't wait to see it in spring.

This is what it looked like in June 2006:

And now...snow. Tonight. Hopefully.


  1. I haven't seen this one, but it looks fab. There's one in Red Hook, on Beard St. between Conover and Van Brundt I always admired. Its kinda wild with a pleasant acceptance of mugwort mixed in with the perennials.

  2. the chief gardener for Bronx Green-up (the community gardens initiative at the Bronx Botanical Garden) once told me that mugwort helps purify the soil. It pulls out heavy metals.


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