Friday, March 13, 2009

Camellia on Pacific Street

...looking much better than it did last year. Between Clinton and Henry, just west of the sign that says that Winston Churchill's mother was born on the next block.


  1. Is that the kind that you can make tea from? Wouldn't it be amazing to harvest your own tea?

  2. Ha, yes, wouldn't it? Camellia sinensis (Chinese)is the tea plant, and Camellia japonica the ornamental one...but. You may be onto something. Various sources say hardy to Zone 6. Some say 8. We are 6-ish, but there are so many microclimates in the city that I would say one could find a suitable spot. Time to find a tea plant! What an excellent idea.

  3. Well, if not that, there's a million herbs that grow here to make tea with. Beebalm for instance, although regrettably I'm not a fan of that Earl Grey flavor. This summer I do plan to drink my fair share of mugwort tea, though. I've heard it's good for nerves.


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