Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fragrant Viburnum

Explosions of joy in my cranium after I crossed the street to investigate what I thought must be a weirdly early crabapple. No! It was something I had never seen before. I was clueless. The flowers looked like lilac, the emerging leaves looked like viburnum, the form...tree-like, but trained so...deeply perfumed and spicy, too. And dripping with blooms in late March. I mean nothing is open. Only the quinces have started. Not even the callery pears, which have buds right now.

Very exciting.

Thanks to googling and going with the viburnum idea, I think it is Viburnum farreri*, described as a very early bloomer, sometimes damaged by frost. And this one must have been trained upright from an early age, as most of us should be.

[The tree is on Baltic between Court and Clinton, north side of street]

That's all it takes to cheer this girl up.

That and gallon of hot pink paint from Tony's Hardware.

Update: * The ever helpful Plant ID Forum at UBC tells me this: It is more likely to be Viburnum × bodnantense 'Dawn' (V. farreri × V. grandiflorum).

Sigh. It's so good to know exactly what something is, and how it got that way. Thank you.


  1. Marie, just a short note to say that I have really, really, really been enjoying your posts lately. I am so pleased that you are up for the recognition you deserve! Kind Regards, Pritha :)

  2. Thank you Pritha: wot's your email? You can email me from the Profile widget.

  3. Ahhh! Another long-distance breath of spring for me.

  4. We planted one of these lovelies maybe 20 years ago. It is huge, always blooms right after the daffodils and the smell is one I wish we could bottle. It should be in full bloom in the next week.
    It is most definitely an eyecatcher!

  5. MIT - well, I do envy you your tamarind tree :-)

    Mary? Are your daffodils open yet? NY should be cooler and later than y'all down there so I am surprised that your viburnum has not opened yet when this new one (to me) has!


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