Thursday, March 5, 2009

View from the roof

I crunched about on the roof amongst the smoking chimney stacks, satellite dishes and icicles to see the harbour and the cranes in what is left of the snow. It's one of my favourite New York views. The contrast of ex-private, exposed back gardens and rooftops with the warehouses against leaden water; the Super Post-Panamax cranes on the Brooklyn docks, Governor's Island and New Jersey beyond. Shades of sepia and grey.


  1. Wow, it seems like you can see forever (or at least to New Jersey) from there! Can you see other cats in other gardens? Are there other rooftop gardens? When i lived in New Haven in an old brownstone that was divided up into apartments, i ended up with a steady stream of feline visitors who leaped from the backyard up onto the fence, from there onto the wrought iron fire escape, and from there into my bathroom window and into the apartment.

  2. It'a good urban, wild view. There is a feral kitty below, also black, but none make it up here. Estorbo once went missing for a horrible night, scared by builders. He was found in the abandoned buiding at the end of my block, stuck, wih his head poking out of the window, howling for salvation. I climbed down the ricketty fire escape and carried him home. And there is the raccoon, of course.


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