Monday, March 2, 2009

Fire and ice

A moment of solipsism. Vince just posted his next desert installment.

Seeing pictures he took of me on that red sand under that summer sky in that southern desert is in such stark contrast to this morning's -4'C experience of kicking through the cold snow in Brooklyn to take pictures of the Gowanus Garden in its winter clothes. To be able to experience such extremes, and beautiful ones, within a matter of weeks is extraordinary, and lucky.


  1. "J'avais surpris mon cher surhomme en flagrant délit d'humanité: je sentis que je l'en aimais davantage.
    Alors, je chantai la farandole, et je me mis à danser au soleil..."

    Marcel Pagnol, La gloire de mon père.


  2. Oops, I meant to replace "surhomme" with "surfemme"... ;-)

  3. This really warmed me up. I think I can feel my toes now.


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