Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bob Guskind


I have been trying to contact Robert Guskind for the past few days and felt something was wrong: his Brooklyn blog Gowanus Lounge had not been loading or found in the cybersphere and seemed not to exist anymore. Emails went unanswered. I contacted Curbed, to which he contributed, this morning, and today this was posted.

Bob died on March 4th. On the third I emailed him expressing my hope that the GL's disappearance was a server issue and nothing deeper.

Apparently my hopes were unfounded.

Miss Heather and many other Brooklyn blogs are paying tribute to Bob. I only knew him through emails and my contributions to his irascible and informative, and beloved, Gowanus Lounge. He was very kind to me. I am so sorry we could not help him where it mattered most.

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  1. oh dear, his was a wonderful blog. sorry to hear this.


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