Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The log lady

I am the proud owner of a log.

A few days ago a long box addressed to me from Virginia was left by FedEx in the hallway downstairs. It was very heavy, so I left it there for the Frenchman.

Inside was this log. A very heavy log. I'm not sure what tree it is. Possibly locust? Webb, who (very generously) sent the log, had already explained everything to me, and so I knew that it had inoculated with shitake mushrooms spores. If all goes well and I water it as I should, one day I will have mushrooms. First, I water it twice a day. Then, when I see the mycorrhizal network forming, I must...soak it for 24 hours in the bath. Hm.

Even if it never mushrooms, I like the log. Logs are nice, and I have always wanted one. The cat's scratching pole isn't a proper log. It was stolen from Flatbush Avenue years ago by one of the cat's admirers and is very splintery, but the feline liked it, so it moved with us.

I leave you with the original log lady.

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