Thursday, May 19, 2011


Much rain, small floods. Gutters, drains. Not like your Southern floods...

David Austin Roses are getting ready.

The mint likes it. But why is the mint not wet? Does it suck water up through its pores?


  1. Hmmm, seems as if the weather only performs in extremes of late. We just had the first rain here in weeks, not nearly enough though.
    Love your hosta. Would you happen to know the name?

  2. We've had the driest April and Ma for many years, we're desperate for rain.

    I collect all the grey water I can so my plants don't dry out but I'm starting to run out and may have to resort to the hosepipe.

  3. oily surface? Mint oil after all, and you know water and oil and all

  4. Same way here until today. Maybe you will dry out tomorrow.

  5. Monica - it's Fragrant Bouquet - gets very big, and has wonderfully fragrant flowers.

    Anne - Really? Well done for using your grey water. I confess I use the hose all the time.

    Frank - ha, you think?

    webb - we dried out for a bit, now it's pittering down again I don't really mind.


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