Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three blocks in Brooklyn

It is bucketing with rain, as it has been since the weekend, but yesterday I headed to Smith Street in a lull to buy some sausages. I had wanted to hunt some more clematis today, but I am not a water rat. The three block walk provided quite enough camera fodder from some quick snaps.

Below: Now this is interesting. It is Speirantha convallarioides, or false lily of the valley, and because it is a small world, I think that it was grown by Glover Perennials, and I think that this home owner had just purchased it in bloom at GRDN, which stocks a lot of Jim's plants, or perhaps at the Gowanus Nursery, which has a reputation for interesting plants. I planted a lot of these two years ago in a neighborhood back garden, in full shade.

Padlock- gardening, Brooklyn-style. A pretty blue pot but I don't have high hopes for it through a winter freeze.

The butcher gave me a baguette as I left - I was there in the last seconds before closing, and there was bread left over. Now you know the trick, he said. We ate his lamb sausages for supper with papardelle and a brief lemon-rosemary-cream sauce. Good.


  1. beautiful pictures, nice butcher!

  2. Pretty blooms! And score on the bread!

  3. When's closing?

    They should name their love on that padlock and make it like the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Incidentally, a bland blue hydrangea truck has just exploded all over midtown.


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