Monday, May 23, 2011

Terrace weekend

I can see my neighbor, Danielle's yellow roses peeping out over the top of her terrace. On this terrace Pat Austin and Abraham Darby roses are covered in buds and should be gorgeous soon, unless they are so damp that they just fall off...I spent a couple of evenings potting up some old thyme that I had divided, as well as the oregano. Hope they do well. I may miss out on thyme flowers.

It rained of course, but held off for long stretches inbetween.

Long enough for the cat to run about and get spooked by Noises from Above (cat Rapture?).

He likes to park himself on the last bluestone slab at the very tip of the roof farm.

Then the sun came out for a bit, and the rain of Iceberg petals continued..

Pitter patter.

I am hording the mint for mojitos.

 A honey bee! I wonder if she belongs to Yann, who lives on Bergen Street with bees and hens. Maybe I can tag them...

I am thinking about getting rid of the tarragon, though it breaks my heart to do so (I've had it for years). I just don't eat it very often and am jealous of the room its pot takes up. More basil! Planted purple and Thai basil. 

The first Pat Austin bloom is opening. They look good now, but last year they hated the long days of July and turned small and crispy...Then again, they did bounce back in September. One forgets..

And New Dawn. Which is putting out new canes that grow inches, I swear, a day. I am measuring. 

And the happiness of the first butterfly.

Update: the butterfly effect?

Unbelievable that in Joplin, Missouri, the mayhem of a perfectly natural phenomenon was about to be felt. We are lucky.
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