Thursday, May 5, 2011

(the Food) on Cook, Sister!

Jeanne Horak's very popular UK-based food blog Cook Sister also features a South African Food and Wine Directory where she lists blogs written by compatriots. At the moment 66 Square Feet (the Food) is featured in a series of Q&A's with me, where Jeanne delves deeper into the clutter of a food blogger's mind...why, when, who?

Read the interview here.

Jeanne is a hardworking ambassador of good food, South Africa, and her local London food scene. An advocate (akin to a trial lawyer by US standards, and a barrister in the UK) by profession, she lectures about blogging, writes about food and somewhere finds time to cook. I am not sure if she sleeps, but if she doesn't, she must give us the recipe for the cookies that keep her going...


  1. Read it, loved it, commented on it.

    I am going to have to order in tonight. i can see you are going to keep me to busy to cook:)


  2. A great interview. I have loved everything of "yours" that I have made. Sadly, my Mitchell is not an adventurous eater - at least not at home. If someone serves him something sensational and different, then he will want me to make it, too, but he is hesitant when I want to make something different. I am trying to slip new ingredients in on him - thanks to you. So far, good results!

  3. O hoe laat jy my nou lag!! :))

    Do I sleep? Ha ha - not enough! Ask my grumpy husband who wakes up when I come to bed in the wee hours after blogging all night :)

    It was a great pleasure interviewing you and hearing your answers - I hope we get to chat over an actual table with an actual cup of coffee one day, not just virtually. Love love love your blog :)

    Lekker naweek vir u ;)


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