Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Edible Manhattan, Spring Edition

  Juneberry, serviceberry, amelanchier cocktails. This plant has too many names...

Edible Manhattan's Spring edition has just hit the streets!

In it, somewhere, is my story about Amelanchier (serviceberry, Juneberry, shadbush, whatever you want to call 'em!)...

I am now off, in my water wings,  to meet Ellen in Manhattan (faraway land) for lunch and a war talk, and shall hunt some copies down.

Tonight, a gala for Philip Glass at The Kitchen. Courtesy of kind friends (our attendance, that is). Now how does one where a long silk skirt and not have it drag in the currently running gutters of the Bowery? Such luminaries attending, such pressure on the wearer of clothes. Eek.


  1. ooooweeee! congtratulations! i can't wait to see it finally!!
    how to wear silk in the rain? cover it up with a garbage bag? Philip Glass should appreciate. very nY circa 1975.

  2. One gets a Sir Walter Raleigh type person to throw his cloak (or what passes for one these days!) for one to walk upon!

    Or one tucks one's skirt in one's knicker leg.

    The choice is yours!

  3. Phillip Glass - cool! have fun!


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