Friday, May 13, 2011


Two hours traveling to Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, on three trains and one bus. Green woods, wild flowers, an ebbed tide, a baguette sandwich, many photos,  a bus and then a packed rush hour subway home, a quick shop for fruit and salad and bagels and wine (supercilious Heights Chateau wine woman asking if I want another bag, she always phrases it that way - all I was carrying was a back pack...another bag (for our three bottles, don't ask)... the reason I shop at a different wine shop as often as possible; do I really have to justify to her why I sometimes want a plastic bag? Answer, yes!no! hence, shop elsewhere) - and we are home.

Our bunch of lily of the valley in water (picked from some woods and I feel fine - they are very invasive, yay!), smelling heavenly, my gin and tonic smelling just as good, the combination of lily of the valley and gin and tonic divine, and only slightly complicated by roasting bacon in the oven. Supper is crepes stuffed with poached egg, grated parmesan and crispy bacon.

The flowers are washing the crazy subway people off me, the Bronx kids making fun of the Asian woman, Five dolla! Five dolla! - I swear I thought I might have to hit one of them. The laptop man beside me who elbowed me and farted continuously.

The terrace is watered, the roof farm has been dug over by a squirrel, and we have loads of photos to digest. And tomorrow I must somehow take pictures of the roses framing the sliding door because this is the moment that will be three days long, and then be gone until next year, or never.

Bacon's ready.


  1. I have not seen or thought of Lilies of the Valley since I was young, growing up in Iowa. I don't think we have them here in California, but now I am going to check. I have a beautiful new rose bush, called Julia Child. I am going to take pictures of every single bloom it offers.

  2. Wow! I'm really impressed that you traveled all the way to Pelham Bay! A large amount of people in the city really don't realize what wonders nature are at their reach if they just travel out to the end of the subway lines. Pelham Bay is a rustic and majestic gem that I surely treasure! Sincerest Regards, Darren =)

  3. You certainly deserve Lily of the Valley and G&T after the Fart Man. Hope your next trip is more calm.


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